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Cyber Bullying is Bullying

What is cyber bullying?

As we all know, cyber bullying also known as cyber harassment is bullying that happens on social media platforms or over digital devices like cellphones, computers, tablets and many more.

Cyber bullying can occur through text messages as someone can send abusive content which is considered as bullying or it can also be done through online platforms when personal information that can be harmful or false is shared in order to spoil ones image in the society.

the most common places that cyber bullying takes place are:

Social Media logos
  • Social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, twitter and Snapchat.
  • Through text messages like SMS.
  • Email

Cyber bullying can be really dangerous as it leads some people to depression and even suicide because when information that was meant to be private goes out to the public, it can make an impact on someones life.

How to deal with cyber bullying..

A person who is facing this situation can deal with it in a couple of ways, one thing you can do is not respond back because posting something worse back can lead you into trouble.

Another thing one can do in this situation is report for example the bully and the victim go to the same school or college than he can report the matter to a teacher, or if someone is threatening to give out your personal then you can report the mater to the police.

What causes cyber bullying?

Some people tend to bully another because they feel that the victim deserve it but in reality no one deserves to be bullied. Although It’s common for people to think that way as small reasons like difference in opinions can lead to one being angry as they feel a sense of superiority and ends up bullying the other online because of that.

Cyber bullying can also occur due to lack of feelings, when one is bored on social media and due to that they might start bullying or picking on people for fun and not knowing that this can affect the lives of others and reputation.

For instance, a negative online reputation can affect ones employment, college admissions etc.. and so we can see how it affects them.

Signs your child is cyber bullied..

dislike and cyber bullying

Most of the victims of cyber bullying are teenagers in high school and so most of the time they are not willing to speak about it but a parent may know something is wrong with the actions of the child.

  • You may notice that something is wrong if he doesn’t use the computer anymore even though he used to enjoy it.
  • he doesn’t want to use the computer in a place that you can see.
  • he wouldn’t want to go to school or he’ll be feeling restless about the thought of going.

So parents should pay close attention to their children in order to notice these signs before it’s too late for them.

Parents can also prevent this from happening by downloading apps like Google Family Link, with this parents can monitor their children’s social activities and can also restrict them from visiting certain websites.

what can we do about this??!

What we as people can do to prevent or help people that are facing this is by asking them to report to be it to school or work, you can have a talk with them on how they are feeling and let them open up fully that way it can make them feel better, also they would that they are people they can trust and rely on.

I would like to wrap it up by saying that we can save someones life even if it’s your friend that you see everyday, by just by asking them if they are okay as we do not know what they are going through behind their smile.

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19 thoughts on “Cyber Bullying is Bullying

  1. An important topic .Cyber bullying is rampant in the current century and hand in hand mental health is needed to support those affected .
    Wonderful project.Keep up the good work .

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’ve highlighted a very important topic affecting the community and mainly the youth.
    In this dramatic time of Corona pandemic when there’s also emphasis for students to join the online learning, should people expect an increase in cyber bullying?

    Great though for the article

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Much impressed….people should get to know about this in order for those who face and might face know on how to go about it
    Thank youuuu so much 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great post! I know what it is to be on the receiving end of a cyberbully because I was cyberbullied as a grieving widow right after my late husband passed away. However, I was 40 years old and being an adult, knew how to handle it and the bullies soon left me alone.

    I can’t imagine what this does to a child, who hasn’t yet developed concrete thinking skills or processing ability. So with kids, I know it must be especially devastating! Thank you for posting, Mohamed!

    Scheduled for reblog on Chateau Cherie

    Liked by 1 person

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